Investment focus


We focus on companies founded in European countries with continental or worldwide potential.


We invest in technology startups that have the potential to disrupt the status quo. We primarily focus on fintech, web 3.0, and cleantech areas.


We look for early-stage investments where our entrepreneurial DNA allows us to bring the highest impact to the startups.
Enter the deals in early rounds
Offer strategic support for growth
Series A
Series B
(IPO, buy-out, M&A)
Series C
Series D
Web 3.0

Invest in the best with the best

Join our investor club to co-invest together with us and Europe's most experienced business angels - it's free.

Over 1,200 angel investors have already signed up.

  • Enter exclusive opportunities

    We analyze 3000+ startups a year, selecting only the top 1% for our investment fund. Co-investors get the opportunity to enter the deals with us.
  • Always alongside us

    We invest our own capital in every startup, on the same attractive terms as you.
  • Build your own venture portfolio

    We've made it easy to invest in a hard-to-access asset class, enabling you to build your own venture portfolio.
  • Or double down on the fund's deals

    Registering as co-investors is a great way for investors of BlackWood Ventures to double down investment on startups they like the most.



Steffen Saltofte
Rasmus Holt
Abbas Kazmi
Aleksandar Grgic
Jakob Kjelgaard
 Bo Koch-Christensen
Pasinee Tangsuriyapaisan
Maxime Pasquier
Jonas Madsen
 Thomas Derambure
 Dr. Rodolphe Durand
Dr. Thomas Graeber
 Claus Stenbæk
 Simon Stampe
Henrik Rossing
Bastian Larsen

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Direct Investments
(Investor Club)
BlackWood Ventures Fund I EuVECA K/S
Minimum investment amount (EUR)20,000100,000
Type of financing roundsPre-seed and seedPre-seed and seed
SectorsFintech, Cleantech, Web 3.0Fintech, Cleantech, Web 3.0
Allocation in financing roundsNot guaranteedGuaranteed
Investment decisionInvestorFund Investment Committee
Investment strategyInvestor builds their own portfolioPortfolio of 40-50 companies built by the Investment Committee
Follow-on strategyInvestor decision, when anti-dilution clauses are possible or when there is allocation available30% of the Fund reserved for follow-on

How it works


Join our investor club

We just need your name, email and investment interests. You will then receive carefully selected investment opportunities directly in your inbox on an ongoing basis, as our fund invests in exciting startups.


Access our investments

We send you our carefully selected and researched investment opportunities in startups, where all the material is well prepared and attractive terms are negotiated, so you can easily make a decision.


Become an investor

To invest in a startup, simply return a completed subscription agreement to us. Once the round is fully subscribed, the spots are allocated to the interested investors and you receive a confirmation, after which you need to deposit your investment.


Monitor your investment

As a co-owner of a European startup, you receive regular reports from the company and can always contact their management or board directly if you have any questions.


You get the chance to enter multiple exclusive deals every year, but you decide which ones you like. It's a perfect deal for angel investors, as the subscription is free and gives access to a deal flow impossible to access alone.


The service is open to all, however, it suits experienced investors best. In fact, stand-alone early VC investments are risky and sufficient diversification requires multiple investments.
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Join our investor club of more than 1,200 investors and receive carefully selected investment opportunities on a regular basis.

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