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Our story

BlackWood was founded by experienced financiers and entrepreneurs who saw the need to help investors get access to VC by offering a diversified fund and the opportunity for angels to co-invest in selected startups.


Our people

Our founding partners are supported by 8 team members with backgrounds in finance, entrepreneurship, and technology. We have European DNA and speak English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish and Danish at the office.


Our vision

We want to optimize the access to capital for startups as well as generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients. We do this by blending traditional VC investing with the additional know-how of leading angel investors.


We have grown and nurtured close relationships with 70+ of Europe's leading accelerators, incubators, and universities.

With these partnerships in more than 15 countries, we are well-positioned to find the next European unicorns.


BlackWood's dedicated investor club counts over 1,200 angel investors, whom each bring diverse expertise, experiences, and personal networks to the table.

When we invest in a startup, we enable our investor club to co-invest with us, to support the founders we chose to work with.


We leverage artificial intelligence to conduct a deep analysis of the value proposition, strategy, team, and financial aspects of every startup we look at.​

This systematic approach allows us to analyze over 300 startups per month within fintech, web 3.0, and cleantech.


Our team has founded multiple successful companies, with €100m+ exits, so we know what it takes. We understand the challenges that startups face during the earliest stages and can help avoid common pitfalls by leveraging our experience and network.

We look for bold ideas and visionary entrepreneurs, just like us.

Contact us
Our Head of Investor Relations, Jonas Madsen, is here for you. If you have any questions, please book a call below.
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